Perro espacial Dibujos en papel

Drawing of a space dog

Here I share with you a drawing of a space dog, done in watercolour on paper.

Dibujo de perro espacial
Close-up of the space dog drawing

It is one of the works I made in the middle of 2021 with the intention of leaving a portfolio as complete as possible. Those of you who follow my career will not be used to seeing drawings and illustrations of dogs. The experience has been so much fun that it will possibly not be the last one I draw in the following months of 2021.

Inspiration: EllievsBear

Drawing a space dog on paper

Perro espacial con mensaje
Perro espacial de Ellie

The idea of a flying or space-travelling dog is a constant in the work of «EllievsBear». It is also one of her iconographic references, used by the artist herself on social networks as an avatar image.

The reason for the reference and what we take from it

In my case in particular, I’ve been a follower of Ellie’s for a long time and I find her treatment of colour enviable. How she plays with simple animated shapes that are simple at first but complete and rounded in meaning in each of her pieces is one of the characteristics I admire most.

For my version of the flying dog, what I tried to do was to reproduce this treatment of colour and make it my own, not trying to imitate the shades as they are, but focusing on the composition and the play of the blocks of colour around it, rather than on each colour itself.

If you want to see more drawings on paper, you can have a look at the section dedicated to works on paper.

If you are curious to know what the work of «EllievsBear» looks like, here you have his instagram, where you can see many of his works, which are a source of inspiration for my own work on many occasions.